Powerful CRM & Conversion Tracking Software

Turning Strangers into Repeat Customers

Automation to Increase ROI

A Powerful CRM Automates your Sales Process for increased ROI

Why use Sales Process Automation?

With a powerful CRM you are able to automate the entire process of gaining customers and keeping them as repeat customers. 

The CRM automatically funnels leads through a 3 stage funnel process:

  • Capture Leads
  • Follow up with leads until they buy
  • Keeps following up with them so they buy more and leave reviews

Less time keeping in touch with your customers and increase ROI.


Benefits of a Powerful CRM

A powerful CRM is shown to life sales 20-30%.  Tactics of the CRM include:

  • Your own A.I. assistant that responds to your leads immediately to you never lose a lead again
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Keeps all your leads in one location
  • Follow up with them using automated email and text campaigns
  • Build your reviews with automated reputation campaigns
  • Conversion tracking software
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Manage your leads and track Conversions with Cutting Edge Technology

JDS 1 Marketing CRM

Conveniently manage everything online all from one central location.  Unleash your full potential and scale effortlessly with our powerful technology. 

JDS 1 Marketing Software seamlessly integrates your marketing efforts with your business operations for maximum efficiency!

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Social Media Strategy System

We build out powerful, sustainable social media frameworks that are: TURNKEY, ALGO-PROOF, and SUCCESSSION-PROOF


Yes. Search Engine Optimization. Number one best way to increase organic traffic to your business. They found you! Conversion to a sale increases tremendously.

Lead Generation

Strategic Ad Campaigns. Targeted. Effective. Built-in Automation to ensure results.


We help clients create and implement strategies that drive brand awareness, increase website traffic, and ultimately, improve profitability through dynamic and data-driven tactics.

Web Design​

Highly optimized and effective websites. Discover the power of digital presence with our cutting-edge website platform, tailored specifically for local businesses. Our user-friendly design, seamless navigation, and localized content strategy ensure that your business stands out in the crowd. Harness the potential of the digital era and connect more authentically with your local community.

Sales Process Automation

Also offering a powerful CRM with built in marketing and automation tools. Software as a service (SAAS).

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